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Zenit St. Petersburg – A mid season review.

Zenit are currently away at a winter break training camp in Qatar. This is a great opportunity for the players to get a bit of sun on their backs and train hard for a tough second half of the season in the Russian Premier League as well as the UEFA Europa League. Judging by the […]



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What Happened to Russia’s succesful 2008 Squad?

By TOKE THEILADE, Jan 20 – This article presents a closer look at, what happened to the 23 Russian players who participated in the 2008 EURO.

Russia's World Cup performance was one of the lows of 2014.

Round Table: Russian Football in 2014

By TOKE THEILADE, Jan 9 – In 2015’s first Round Table we discuss the events of 2014 and look towards an exciting 2015.

cska 1

Russia’s representatives

By ANDREW MACIVER, Dec 16 Andrew MacIver take a closer look at the Russian clubs performances in the European tournaments this season.


Yevgeni Bushmanov – The Man Who Is Bringing “Hope” To Russian Football’s Future

By JOEL AMORIM, Dec 14 – A closer look at the splendid work of the Siberian manager who is, at the same time, preparing Spartak’s and the Russian football’s future.


The Dark Side of Russian Football by Natalia Kurkina

As we all know, the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia. This is a massive victory for Russian football, and an incredible opportunity for the country to alter the generally negative image recently created by the Ukrainian conflict, a chance to show that the gap caused by the Cold War isolation had been […]


FNL Half Term Report

By ANDREW FLINT, Nov 27 – As the FNL closes for winter, we take a look at some of the issues that remain unresolved.


FC Tyumen 0 – 1 Krylia Sovetov Samara

By ANDREW FLINT, Nov 24 – Krylia beat Tyumen by a single goal in the last match before the winter break in game week 21 in the FNL.


What does Zenit’s new basketball team mean for the football club?

By THOMAS GILES, Nov 21 – We take a look at the impact of St Petersburg’s new basketball outfit adopting the Zenit name on the football team


My First Encounter with Russian Football

By TOKE THEILADE, Nov 16 In 2005 I had my first encounter with Russian football, when the Danish U21 faced Russia in the finale playoff match before the 2006 U21 EURO.


The Simplicity Of Dmitry Alenichev’s Arsenal Tula

By JOEL AMORIM, Nov 10 – A look at Dmitri Alenichev’s work at Arsenal Tula and on how one of Oleg Romantsev’s brightest disciples might become the best Russian head coach in years to come.

Yannick Bolli injured as Telenkov looks on (photo by Timofei Ger)

Diary of an Englishman in Siberia – October Review of FC Tyumen

By ANDREW FLINT, Nov 11 – October installment of a review of FC Tyumen’s season.


Behind Enemy Lines: A CSKA Fan in Manchester

By ANDREW MACIVER, Nov 8 – Our RFN contributor and CSKA supporter on watching the Army Men’s historic victory in Manchester, no matter the UEFA ban.