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RFPL Weekly Preview Round 25

By TOKE THEILADE, ANDREW FLINT, VINCENT TANGUY & LUKAS MÜLLER, Apr 24 – Everything you need to know, including betting advice, for game week 25 of the RFPL.


Interview with Bart Caubergh: Physical Training and Extreme External Factors in Russia

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Why Rostov Defeat Could Signal Bad Things to Come for Spartak Moscow

By TOKE THEILADE, Apr 23 – Saturday, Spartak lost 3-0 away to Rostov, and captain Denis Glushakov was sent off, which can cause problems in the upcoming games.

Round Table: The Greatest Players to Play in Russia

RFN ROUND TABLE, April 22 – The panel looks back and discuss the greatest players to ever play in the RFPL.

RFN Friday Quiz – How much do you know about Russian football?

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RFPL Weekly Preview Round 24

By DAVID SANSUN, ARTËM MARKAREVITCH, MARTIN LOWE & JACK BERESFORD, Apr 20 – Previews and betting advice for all eight games in week 24 of the Russian Football Premier League.

Reactions From RFPL Week 23

By JOHN GORROD, Apr 19 – In week 23 of the RFPL, Spartak defeated Zenit 2-1. Here’s how the coaches reacted.

Nikolai Starostin: My Football Years (Chapter 5) – The Reputation of Football

By ALEXEY SPEKTROWSKI, Apr 18 – In chapter five of Nikolai Starostin’s My Football Years, he discuss match fixing, rivalries and how clubs should treat each other.

Chertanovo – How the Russian Athletic Bilbao is Shaping the Future

By ANDREY CENTROV, Apr 16 – Chertanovo isn’t like anyone else, and their work with youth development could be the future of Russian football.

RFPL Weekly Preview Round 23

By ILYA SOKOLOV, ANDREW FLINT, JAMES NICKELS & VINCENT TANGUY, Apr 15 – Previews and betting advice for all the games in round 23 of the Russian Football Premier League.

RFN Friday Quiz: Name all of the 2018 World Cup cities

By TOKE THEILADE, Apr 14 – Kick off Easter with the RFN Friday Quiz, and prove that you know more about the 2018 World Cup than the rest of our readers.

The Players Who Scored Spartak’s Golden Goals

By ALEXEY SPEKTROWSKI, Apr 13 – A look back at all the players who have secured titles for Spartak Moscow.

Reactions From RFPL Week 22

By JOHN GORROD, Apr 12 – Week 22 of the RFPL saw Spartak grow their lead in the league as both Zenit and CSKA dropped points. Here’s how the coaches reacted.

Nikolai Starostin: My Football Years (Chapter 4 part 2) – Eleven is Our Number

By ALEXEY SPEKTROWSKI, Apr 12 – Nikolai Starostin remains one of the biggest legends in Russian football, and we continue our trip through his memoirs.