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erik braun

Interview With Erik Braun – “I Hope Russia Will Catch a Sight of Me”

By TOKE THEILADE, Nov 30 – Russian Football News has talked to 18-year-old Erik Braun about his life as a football player in Denmark and the dream about the Russian national team.


erik braun

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The two captains, Fedotov and Jazbinsek greeting before the game.

The Army Men on Tour – CDKA Moscow in Yugoslavia 1945

By TOMMY PISKOR, Nov 29 – In the aftermath of the Great Patriotic War, CDKA Moscow visited communist Yugoslavia on a promotion tour that took them from Beograd to Zagreb.

Andrei Starostin, Lev Yashin and Igor Netto after the victory in the 1960 European Championship.

Igor Netto – The Greatest Captain of Them All

By VINCENT TANGUY, Nov 28 – Igor Netto was the captain of the Soviet national team during the golden age of Soviet football, and as captain, he won both the Olympic tournament as well as the first edition of the European Championship.


RPL Week 17: Betting Advice

By ANDREW FLINT & DANNY ARMSTRONG, Nov 28 – Betting advice for the Russian Premier League, done by the RFN experts.

kyiv 1

Blood of beaten black fans will forever stay on your hands: Open letter to UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body Members

By CSKA FANS AGAINST RACISM, Nov 27 – Open letter to UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body Members following Dynamo Kiev’s punishment after attack on black fans.

krasnodar celebration

Preview: FC Krasnodar – Dortmund

By BEN CLARK & STEFAN BUCZKO, Nov 26 – Preview for Krasnodar’s crucial Europa League encounter against German side Dortmund.


Russian Clubs Cancel Training Camps in Turkey Due to Political Crisis

By TOKE THEILADE, Nov 25 – Due to the political crisis between Russian and Turkey, several Russian clubs have cancelled plans of going to Turkey on training camps during the upcoming winter break.


RPL Week 16: Goals and Highlights

By TOKE THEILADE, Nov 25 – Week 16 of the Russian Premier League gave us some beautiful goals. You can watch them all here.


Preview: CSKA – Wolfsburg

By ANDREW MACIVER, Nov 24 – Preview for CSKA Moscow’s Champions League fixture against German side Wolfsburg.

dmitri sychev

Dmitriy Sychev – The Wonder Boy Who Tripped Over His Own Feet

By STEFANO CONFORTI, Nov 23 – Once the golden boy of Russian football, Dmitriy Sychev now finds himself close to retirement. But went wrong for Sychev, the fourth youngest goalscorer at the World Cup?


Football Manager 2016 – Which Russian Club Should You Play With?

By TOKE THEILADE, Nov 22 – With Football Manager 2016 in the stores, we give you a guide for which Russian side to play with.


Round Table: Russian Journalists on the First Half of the Season

By ILYA SOKOLOV, Nov 21 – The first half of the 2015/2016 season is over, and we have some of Russia’s most prominent sports journalists discuss the events.


RPL Week 16: Betting Advice

By BEN CLARK & ILYA SOKOLOV, Nov 20 – Betting advice for the Russian Premier League, done by the RFN experts.