EURO 2016 Player Profile: Roman Neustadter

Introduction: The inclusion of Roman Neustadter in Leonid Slutsky’s squad rounded off what has been one of the most dramatic seasons of the last few years. Despite having two caps for Germany and being born in Ukraine, the Schalke 04 defensive midfielder is eligible to play for Russia through his father’s roots in the Soviet Union and having only appeared in friendlies for Der Mannschaft. The “will-he, won’t-he?” speculation regarding his obtaining Russian citizenship was a welcome … [Read more...]

Tactical Analysis. Benfica – Zenit

The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about affection. Their language contained four words for the different types of affection that we as humans feel. One of these, storge, is used to describe the familial affection experienced by family members for each other, the affection one feels for a pet, or the affection Zenit have had recently for playing in Portugal. With the Russian champions having won their last three encounters on Portuguese soil, most of Zenit’s players no doubt have enjoyed … [Read more...]