Predictions Cup

The winter break has been kinder to some than to others, but we are nearing the resumption of Russian football with Europa League knockouts only a fortnight away. The Russian Football Premier League (RFPL) begins again on 2 March when we will be launching our inaugural cash-prize Predictions Cup with a possible €100 winner’s prize, and we’re here to explain what that entails. Here’s how to enter: Send us a direct message on our Facebook page registering an interest, and include your … [Read more...]

Predictions League Leaderboard

Where do you stand in the Predictions League? This leaderboard is the bread and butter of the game, and ranks players purely by total points scored, regardless of how many weeks they have played. A pink square indicates a score of six or more points that week, while a red square indicates the top points score that week. If you can hit an average of six points a week, you will be there or thereabouts to win the title... After round 20, Martin Lowe is seven points clear of the chasing pack with … [Read more...]

Predictions League Personal Records

If you want to check your own progress week on week, we have helpfully collated all your data into a neat personal spreadsheet. Due to the workload, these are limited to those who have played from Week 1 and who have not missed five consecutive weeks. … [Read more...]

Predictions League Points Per Prediction (PPP)

Welcome to the Points Per Prediction (PPP) leaderboard. In some ways this is the most democratic ranking system, as it allows everyone to enter on a level playing field regardless of how many weeks they may have missed. There are some anomalies thrown up every now and again - for instance if a new player joins the game and gets 8 points, like Ndiga Mbena did, suddenly launching him or her to top spot - but it is an interesting metric for regular players. Pink boxes indicate a week where the … [Read more...]

Predictions League MASTER Spreadsheet

Here you can find every single prediction cast in this entire season. Everyone likes a bit of nostalgia - except for those 'what was I thinking?' weeks - and this is the place to find all your efforts. Boxes in pink are correct results but wrong scores (1 point), solid red boxes are perfect scores (3 points), while black boxes indicate missed predictions. On the far right, the green column headed 'GP' indicates Games Predicted by that player, while the beige column headed 'PPP' indicates 'Points … [Read more...]