354 Days of Hope

Hundreds of journalists from all around the World are writing their articles from Russia these days. First impression from the Confederations Cup is truly amazing: we are happy and very proud of our country. Russia is doing a great job since the beginning of the tournament however we think that euphoria should not let us forget the most important thing: remaining time before the World Cup is a unique chance for all of us to bring a real change to Russian football, which still has problems with … [Read more...]

We are Russia – United Against Discrimination

Today, March 21st, is the United Nation's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. March 21st 2017 is the day when Russian football took a leap forward and begun the drive to ensure that sports will be fight all forms of discrimination, in sports and society. It is a big though much needed task. The "We Are Russia Against Discrimination" #WeareRussia #AgainstDiscrimination project was launched, bringing together 3 driven entities. A project to fight Racism and … [Read more...]

Blood of beaten black fans will forever stay on your hands: Open letter to UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body Members

Open letter to UEFA's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body Members: Dr Thomas Partl (Austria), Jacques Antenen (Switzerland), Sándor Berzi (Hungary), Chris Bonett (Malta), Tomás Gea (Andorra), Kepa Larumbe (Spain), Hans Lorenz (Germany), Rudolf Řepka (Czech Republic), Jim Stjerne Hansen (Denmark), Joël Wolff (Luxembourg) Dear gentlemen, What did you feel on Wednesday when you went to bed after your decision regarding the racist incident at the Dynamo Kiev v Chelsea game? What were your … [Read more...]

10 years of turmoil – The latest rise and fall of Torpedo Moscow

Once battling the powerhouses of European football on a regular basis, Torpedo Moscow now find themselves rooted to the basement of Russian league football. Twenty-three years previously the iconic Moscow club found themselves in the UEFA Cup competition where the club achieved a respectable quarter-final place. Torpedo successfully sank giants such as Manchester United en-route to their success in 1992/1993, now they are battling to finance an away game due to the club's shocking financial … [Read more...]

Interview With Antifa Ultra Petr From Ekaterinburg

At a time where most media are only covering what is happening among the extreme right winged group of ultras in Russia, we set to learn more about the opposite side, those who calls themselves Antifa, short for anti-fascists. To do so we interviewed Petr from Ekaterinburg, a declared Antifa football supporter of the local team Ural and writer for the Russian blog LeftSideTerraces. How is it to be an anti-racist football fan in Russia? How many left winged fan groups are there in the country … [Read more...]

View From the Stands – Racism in Russian Football

Russia has always been a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma for the rest of Europe, as the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once famously put it. Many Western prejudices about Russia, including ridiculous myths about bears walking freely in the streets, have been born because of the unknown. One of the victims of Western stereotypes about Russia is at the moment the World Cup, which will be held across the country in 2018, and here the problems aren’t frost or bears, but … [Read more...]

Russian Football Beauty Pageant Hit by Nazi Scandal

Every year the organization behind the Russian Premier League organizes a beauty pageant for female fans of the sixteen clubs in the league. Fans of the different clubs select between several beautiful female supporters, and in the end the sixteen winners compete for the title as ‘Miss RFPL’. The host of this season’s pageant was Victoria Lopyvera, a former Miss Russia winner as well as FC Krasnodar striker Fedor Smolov’s ex-wife. During the pageant there are different prizes, one of these … [Read more...]