The Englishmen who brought football to Russia

On March 8, 1898, Ivan Shisihkin, a Russian painter famous for his realistic paintings of landscapes died in St. Petersburg. On the same day, the first ever official football game was played on Russian soil at the first military academy parade ground on Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg. The game stood between teams consisting of both Russian and English players. In the years before the game, St. Petersburg - at the time the capital of the Russian Empire - had experienced an influx of … [Read more...]

Revolutionary Origins in Pre-Revolutionary Russia: the development of football in the Tsarist Empire

24 October 2017 marks the 120th anniversary of the first ever official football match played in Russia, a game between the Saint Petersburg Circle of Sports Lovers (SPb KLS) and the Vasileostrovsky Football Society. It was played out on parade ground of the First Military Academy, on the grounds of the Peter and Paul Fortress. This match is commonly regarded as the birth of Russian football. Although the first organised national division wasn’t formed until 1923, and the Soviet National team did … [Read more...]