World Cup 2018 City Guide: Samara

Samara at a Glance Population: 1.17m Stadium: Samara Arena Number of matches: 6 Costa Rica – Serbia Denmark – Australia Uruguay – Russia Senegal – Colombia E1 – F2 (Round of 16) F1/E2 – H1/G2 (Quarter Final) During the Soviet era, Samara played an important role for the USSR. Formerly known as Kuybyshev, the city was named as the alternative capital of the Soviet Union should Moscow fall to the invading Germans. After the war, Kuybyshev became the leading city in spaceship innovation, … [Read more...]

World Cup 2018 City Guide: Sochi

Sochi at a glance Population: 500,000 Stadium: Fisht Olympic Stadium Number of Matches: 4 Portugal - Spain Belgium - Panama Germany - Sweden Australia - Peru Considered Russia’s premier resort city, Sochi is thriving after hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. New infrastructure has given the popular tourist hotspot a fresh look and has turned Sochi into a year-round destination. The city, however, boasts little footballing culture, and so the newly renovated Fisht Olympic Stadium … [Read more...]

World Cup 2018 City Guide: Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg at a glance Population: 1.5 million Stadium: Centralny Stadium Number of matches: 4 Egypt - Uruguay France - Peru Japan - Senegal Mexico - Sweden The World Cup Stadium Although the remodelled Centralny Stadium has taken a fair bit of stick for its highly unorthodox appearance given the stands behind the goals extending outside the perimeter, it remains one of the most beautiful venues that will host World Cup games. The original pastel-coloured column facade has been … [Read more...]

Where will the 32 qualified nations stay during the 2018 World Cup?

The World Cup is just around the corner and most of the nations have now confirmed where they will stay during the tournament. We will take a look at some of the weird and wonderful locations where nations have decided to base themselves. Over a quarter of the nations are basing themselves in and around Moscow. Argentina and France are basing themselves in towns around an hours drive from the city, but on the grand scale of all things in Russia, this is still pretty much Moscow. Germany has … [Read more...]

World Cup 2018 City Guide: Volgograd

Volgograd at a Glance Population: 1.025m Stadium: Volgograd Arena Number of matches: 4 Tunisia - England Nigeria - Iceland Saudi Arabia - Egypt Japan - Poland Due to its history, Volgograd is an iconic city inside of Russia. During the Soviet era it was known as Stalingrad, and it was here the Soviet Union won one of the most important victories during the World War II. On the football pitch, the city of Volgograd has also endured great victories, although local pride Rotor Volgograd is … [Read more...]

World Cup 2018 City Guide: Kazan

Kazan at a glance Population: 1.2m Stadium: Kazan Arena Number of matches: 6 Iran - Spain France - Australia South Korea - Germany Poland - Colombia C1 - D2 (Round of 16) E1/F2 - G1/H2 (Quarter Final) Kazan is Russia’s self-described “third city” and capital of Russian sport. Captial of the Republic of Tatarstan, and with an estimated population of over 1.2 million people, it’s Russia’s 6th largest city and lies around 800km east of Moscow. A cultural melting pot, Kazan see’s large … [Read more...]

World Cup 2018 City Guide: Moscow

Moscow at a Glance Population: 12.2m Stadia: Luzhniki and Spartak Stadium Number of matches: 13 Russia - Saudi Arabia (opening match Luzhniki) Argentina - Iceland (Spartak Stadium) Germany - Mexico (Luzhniki) Poland - Senegal (Spartak Stadium) Portugal - Morocco (Luzhniki) Belgium - Tunisia (Spartak Stadium) Denmark - France (Luzhniki) Serbia - Brazil (Spartak Stadium) B1 - A2 Round of 16 (Luzhniki) H1 - G2 Round of 16 (Spartak Stadium) Semifinal (Luzhniki) Final (Luzhniki) The … [Read more...]

How to travel around Russia for free during World Cup 2018

For fans who are heading to this summer's World Cup in Russia, now is a crucial time in terms of planning where to stay, how to get to the various cities and what to do once there. As Russia is so vast, the host cities for the World Cup are widely spread out. The three most extreme cities of Kaliningrad in the west, Sochi in the south and Ekaterinburg in the east are all around 3000km from each other - roughly a 3-hour flight between each city. For fans following their country, they will … [Read more...]

1994 World Cup: The Letter of Fourteeners Mutiny

The 1994 World Cup is famous for two things; being the first held outside of Europe and South America, and Diana Ross’ goal-exploding penalty – of which she missed by some distance - at the opening ceremony. The tournament is without a general wonder goal such as James Rodriguez’ in Brazil, or a pivotal moment like Paul Gascoigne’s yellow card at Italia ‘90, however, highly emotional moments have burned into our retina’s today; Diego Maradona’s lung-bursting roar against Greece and subsequent … [Read more...]

2018 World Cup: Analysis of Russia’s Group

The biggest sporting event in the world takes place in Russia for the first time ever from 14 June 2018. On Friday, the 32 teams who have qualified discovered their fate and know exactly who they will be facing in the Group Stages, with the draw taking place at the Kremlin. For once, a site of disseminating information elsewhere. Here is a closer look at Group A of the World Cup Russia 2018. They will face Uruguay, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in what seems like a promising group for the hosts, who … [Read more...]