Interview with Stefano Conforti: “FCLM Magazine Will Improve Lokomotiv’s Brand Worldwide”

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On the 15th of June, 2015, a new English magazine about Lokomotiv Moscow saw the light of the day. We have interviewed Stefano Conforti, editor-in-chief at the brand new FCLM Magazine, about his relationship with Lokomotiv and what the future holds for his new brain child. 

Please, tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship with Lokomotiv.

My name is Stefano Conforti and I live in a lakeshore village in Como, Italy. Within the next week I’m finishing my high school exams, and next year I’m planning to start my university education. I started following Russian Football in 2010 because my mother is Russian, and I was curious to discover new worlds. My love for Lokomotiv Moscow began in 2010 as well. That season was Yuri Semin’s last season as head coach. I’ve been supporting ‘Railroaders’ ever since, and I’ve been trying to spread the knowledge of the club around the world. As a consequence, I started an online blog about the club, and I have recently published a magazine named FCLM Magazine, which was the first of its kind about an East European football club. I think we must fight the prejudices against Russia, and Russian people.

How did you come up with the idea for the magazine?

I got the idea for the magazine a few months ago. I was thinking how to improve Lokomotiv’s brand worldwide, and I realized a magazine would be perfect. I discovered a free online platform to load magazines to make everything simpler. Although we faced many problems, I’m proud of the final result because I’m sure the magazine will become a new datum point for Lokomotiv fans around the world. This is the most important thing for me.

Can you tell a bit about your writing staff?

It wasn’t easy to find contributors for the magazine. We had a few problems with Ilya, who were very busy with exams in June, but in the end he did a great job, and provided us with two interesting articles. Dmitrij is a photo reporter, and he often goes to Lokomotiv’s matches at Cherkizovo. He immediately accepted to contribute to the project, and he was very happy to be a part of our staff. Both of them demonstrated their values, and I’d like to congratulate with them for the amazing result.

Unfortunately, we also had people who promised to help, but in the end gave up and abandoned the project. I’m however very proud of my team. We’ve done something that will inspire other people. We’ve published the first English magazine about an East European football club. I’m sure this will help us in our careers. We’re thinking about both our professional futures as well as the future of the club. It’s a fantastic feeling.

What does the future hold for FCLM Magazine?

FCLM Magazine will become a quarterly magazine and not a yearly one. We have already received some encouraging comments, also from notable sites like Eurosport, and so we want to improve ourselves. First of all we need to find a graphic designer and then other editors. Dmitrij and Ilya have both done a good job, but we need more writers to enlarge our magazine. Moreover I’d like to thank with RFN’s editorial staff again, you have also played an important role in creation of the magazine!

What are your dreams for the magazine?

I hope the magazine will become a new datum point for Lokomotiv fans all over the world. It’d be great to enlarge the writing staff and maybe even to get help from the Lokomotiv’s media-press. In particular, I want to create a new sensibility among the Russian media. We need to start begin caring about foreign fans as well, and develop the club’s brand. We should think global. We should not only sell our merchandise in Russia, but also worldwide.

What kind of content can we expect in the future magazines?

As I’ve already said, the magazine aims to cover interesting topics surrounding Lokomotiv. We’ll try to write exclusive articles as often as possible. Our fans deserve a full coverage of Lokomotiv’s world. We can’t miss anything.

In particular, it would be great to start a series of articles about the club’s wonderful history. Moreover, I want to continue conducting interview with fans from all over the world. I think it helps to learn new cultures and life-styles.

To be honest, I already have ideas for the future magazines, but I can’t reveal everything. Otherwise the magazine would become too monotonous, and uninteresting!


Us here at RFN would like to wish Stefano and his staff good luck with this exciting project. You can find Stefano’s English blog about Lokomotiv Moscow right here:

You can read the first issue of FCLM Magazine right here:

Follow Stefano on Twitter here: @ConfortiStefano



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