Predictions League MASTER Spreadsheet

Here you can find every single prediction cast in this entire season. Everyone likes a bit of nostalgia – except for those ‘what was I thinking?’ weeks – and this is the place to find all your efforts. Boxes in pink are correct results but wrong scores (1 point), solid red boxes are perfect scores (3 points), while black boxes indicate missed predictions. On the far right, the green column headed ‘GP’ indicates Games Predicted by that player, while the beige column headed ‘PPP’ indicates ‘Points Per Prediction’. The names highlighted in blue at the top of the column are Russian Football News Writers.

Author: Andrew Flint

I moved out to Russia in 2010 to teach English because it sounded like fun, then I met and fell in love with FC Tyumen (and my wife!) and decided to stay. Surprisingly, I turned out to be the only English person remotely interested in a Siberian third-tier club, but then who wouldn’t fall for a grizzly Georgian midget, a flying Brazilian and Tyumen’s 93rd most influential figure…

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