RFN Friday Quiz: Get 7/10 and Earn the Title of Expert in Russian Football

It is no secret that the RFN Friday Quizzes are difficult. Everybody who has taken them knows that perfect scores aren’t handed out left and right, and that they have to be earned.  If you do get a perfect score, we are incredibly impressed, but we are ready to grant you the title of expert in Russian football as long as you get at least 7/10! So take the quiz and find out if you deserve the most prestigious title known to man.


Toke Møller Theilade

Author: Toke Møller Theilade

Brøndby supporter, groundhopper and more importantly Editor-in-Chief at Russianfootballnews.com. As a hopeless romantic, I still believe Fyodor Smolov and Viktoria Lopyreva has a future together.

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