Tactical Analysis. Benfica – Zenit

The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about affection. Their language contained four words for the different types of affection that we as humans feel. One of these, storge, is used to describe the familial affection experienced by family members for each other, the affection one feels for a pet, or the affection Zenit have had recently for playing in Portugal. With the Russian champions having won their last three encounters on Portuguese soil, most of Zenit’s players no doubt have enjoyed … [Read more...]

Zhirkov to Zenit?

Rumours have recently been circling around that former Chelsea and current Dinamo Moscow left back Yuri Zhirkov is set to join Russian Premier League champions Zenit St. Petersburg. The rumour seems rather an odd one as the 32 year old is hardly the sort of player that is likely to help Zenit rescue the title that is quickly slipping from their grasp. Zenit already have Domenico Criscito as their first choice left back and his excellent form in recent years has meant his Argentine understudy … [Read more...]

RFN Top 50 – 20-11

  The players ranked 50-36. The players ranked 35-21. 20. Bibras Natcho, midfielder, CSKA The Israeli midfielder Bibras Natcho played a pivotal role on CSKA’s team last season as he contributed with 12 goals and eight assists in the domestic league. His form earned him a spot on the RFN Team of the Year last summer together with his partner on CSKA’s central midfield Roman Eremenko. This season has however been different for Natcho, who has struggled with getting back on his old … [Read more...]