Editorial: Structural Problems are the Reasons for Russia’s Early Exit

Three games, one victory and a quick exit. That was the result of Russia’s first major tournament on home soil, the Confederations Cup. The quick exit naturally let to discussions about who was to blame for the failure of once again not making it out the group stage, but head coach of Sbornaya, Stanislav Cherchesov, was quick to end these discussions. “This is my mistake,” he said in the press conference after the final game against Mexico, which was lost 2-1, and continued: “I will take it upon … [Read more...]

Editorial: Tom Tomsk Hurts the Sporting Integrity of the RFPL

Here are some numbers for you: Eight. That’s the number of months Tom Tomsk’s players have gone without being paid. 18. That’s the number of players who left the club this winter because of the unpaid salaries. 11. This was the number of academy players that were registered for the first team in the winter to replace those that left. 10. That’s the number of goals Tom have conceded in the first two Russian Football Premier League games this year. Zero. That’s the number of goals they have scored … [Read more...]

Editorial: Santana Signing Shows Kuban’s Disrespect towards Own Players

Kuban Krasnodar’s signing of Brazilian defender Felipe Santana from Schalke 04 came as a bolt from the blue. The Toads from Krasnodar have been in dire financial problems for a long time now, and the amount of unpaid wages keeps on growing despite oligarch Oleg Mkrtchyan reportedly promising to invest in the club again once half the debt is gone. In September last year, Kuban’s debt reached €4 million, and since then it has only grown much larger. The players and staff of the club have gone … [Read more...]

Editorial: Legends Deserve Respect

Close your eyes and imagine a reality, where instead of moving to Los Angeles and the MLS Steven Gerrard had chosen to extend his stay with Liverpool because of his love for the club and city. Now keep this thought, and let me set up a small scenario for you. Unfortunately for ‘Captain Fantastic’ Brendan Rodgers didn’t have any plans on using him despite his previous accomplishments for the club, and to fill out his spot in the roster he signed Ross Barkley from the arch rivals Everton. To … [Read more...]