The tumultuous history of the Soviet League

The Soviet football championship is probably unique in the variety of formulas used in the league. After recent comments by Leonid Fedun, who recently discussed league reform in-depth and offered a two-stage league formula similar to Belgium, I decided to go into the depths of history and show the various quirks of the Soviet football officials. There actually were tournaments called "Soviet championships" before 1936, but they were contested by town and city teams rather than clubs (clubs … [Read more...]

Nikolai Starostin: My Football Years (chapter 7) – The Consistency of Mastery

Nikolai Petrovich Starostin (1902-1996) was a Soviet football player and official. He was the co-founder of Spartak Moscow, which turned into the most popular club in the USSR and Russia, and worked as its head administrator for most of his life. Starostin is considered one of the most legendary and universally revered figures of Soviet football. In 1986, he published the book ‘My Football Years’ with Lev Filatov, and even well into his eighties, he retained a keen understanding of the game, … [Read more...]