Nikolai Starostin: My Football Years (Chapter 4 part 1) – Eleven is our Number

 Nikolai Petrovich Starostin (1902-1996) was a Soviet football player and official. He was the co-founder of Spartak Moscow, which turned into the most popular club in the USSR and Russia, and worked as its head administrator for most of his life. Starostin is considered one of the most legendary and universally revered figures of Soviet football. In 1986, he published the book ‘My Football Years’ with Lev Filatov, and even well into his eighties, he retained a keen understanding of the game, … [Read more...]

Fyodor Cherenkov – The Story of a Spartak Legend

On October 4 this year, Spartak Moscow honored the memory of Fyodor Cherenkov. One year had passed since the death of “the most beloved of all Spartakovtsys” as he is described in Robert Edelman’s book about Spartak Moscow in the Soviet era. Veterans and former teammates, youth players from Spartak’s academy named after Cherenkov and supporters of the Red-Whites gathered at his grave in the Troyekurovskoye cementary in Western Moscow. On top of this, the players of Spartak-2 wore t-shirts … [Read more...]

The Russian Messi and Spartak’s Missing Youth

Fans of the Red-White Moscow side Spartak didn't have much to celebrate last season, as the club finished sixth in the league, six points behind the historic rivals from Dinamo. One of the few bright spots during Murat Yakin’s single year in charge of Spartak was, however, the amount of youngsters he managed to give debut and utilize on the first team. Most noticeable was the striker Denis Davydov who played 19 matches throughout the season, but also 22 year old Vyacheslav Krotov, 21 year old … [Read more...]

Fyodor Cherenkov – The Russian Hero That Football Has Forgotten

“Fyodor fue un ídolo durante mi infancia. (...) Cuando estuve en el Spartak y jugué junto a Fyodor fue como una cosa de ciencia ficción. (...) Beskov siempre le ponía como un ejemplo para nosotros.” - Aleksandr Mostovoi It is hard to find words to describe Fyodor Cherenkov’s talent and his unique personality. The former Spartak Moscow star was an example, both in football and as far as his personal life is concerned. A simple man, unattached to material things but blessed with such an … [Read more...]