Berdyev’s Masterpiece is Falling Apart

After two and a half incredible seasons at FC Rostov, which saw the club challenge for the Russian championship and play in the Champions League, both for the first time, Kurban Berdyev has left the Yellow-Blues, and with him the club’s hopes of staying in the top of Russian football too. There is little doubt that Turkmen Berdyev was the mastermind behind Rostov’s sudden flight towards the stars. Under Berdyev, the club went from fighting to avoid relegation to battling CSKA Moscow and Zenit … [Read more...]

Rostov, where is the money?

For most smaller, clubs reaching the Promised Land that is the Champions League group stage means they are financially set for many years to come. For FC Rostov however, the situation is quite different. Following Rostov’s 4-0 defeat to Dinamo Moscow in the Russian Cup Wednesday, head coach Ivan Danilyants was asked about the club’s financial state and his news wasn't good. “The salaries for July were the last one paid,” he told the reporters, adding that “Debts from the seasons 14/15, … [Read more...]

Russian Club Owners: Ivan Savvidis (PAOK) – Fighting Against the Establishment

The expectations were huge when Russian oligarch Ivan Savvidis bought the Greek club PAOK in 2012. The club from Thessaloniki in Southern Greece hadn’t won the league since 1985, and was slowly falling further and further behind the powerhouse Olympiacos, who have won 43 league titles in total, 18 of these coming in the previous 20 seasons. Savvidis is a Pontic Greek born in the Greek settlement of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1959. After serving in the army, he moved to … [Read more...]

Leicester Isn’t Europe’s Only Sensation – Meet FC Rostov

It is no secret that Leicester City has been one of the biggest surprises on the European football scene this season, and perhaps even in the past decade. The English side is however not the only side currently fighting way above their weight class. FC Rostov from southern Russia are currently in the middle of a similar miracle. For people outside Russia, Rostov are best known for being the club where former Arsenal and Tottenham midfielder David Bentley experienced the low of his career … [Read more...]

Rostov’s Dependency on PAOK Owner Savvidis Grows

Not long ago we reported that FC Rostov had been banned from registering new players due to unpaid bills. The club has since then worked hard to eradicate the debt, and on the 31st of December it received the help it needed as oligarch Ivan Savvidis transferred 47 million rubles or €59.000 to the club account. This was however far from the first time the current PAOK owner and former FC Rostov president has helped the club, and by the looks of it the 2013/2014 cup champions are becoming more and … [Read more...]

Rostov and Amkar Punished for Unpaid Bills

Despite their success on the pitch, FC Rostov are in deep financial problems, and a new chapter was written in their story the other day. Together with Perm based Amkar, Rostov have been banned from registering new players by the Russian Football Union’s Dispute Resolution Chamber. In Amkar’s case the punishment was given for not fulfilling the instructions given by the Player’s Status Committee, as Amkar failed to live up to their obligations to the now former head coach Slavoljub Muslin. … [Read more...]