Five Stars With a Past in Russian Football

Since the formation of the Russian Football Premier League in 1992, a long range of quality players have amazed fans around the country. However, with so many players coming through the ranks, some more memorable than others, others more profitable for bookmakers, it is easy to forget a couple, especially for people who don't follow the league closely. Therefore, we have dived into the history books to find five superstars you might not know played in Russia at some point in their … [Read more...]

Ivica Olić and the Story of How Mother Russia Saved Him

There is a saying in Croatia about Ivica Olić. “Batistuta Gabrijele, za tebe je Olić Pele”, which literarily translate into how Olić plays like Pele rather than Batistuta. This phrase originates back to the 1998 World Cup in France when the legendary Croatian national team head coach Miroslav Blažević stated: “Who’s Batistuta? We have Davor Šuker.” That statement came shortly after Croatia had won bronze medals, and Šuker had become the top scorer of the tournament. During the World Cup four … [Read more...]