Dinamo  – The footballing embodiment of Leningrad and St. Petersburg

Nobody would deny that current Russian Premier League champions Zenit St. Petersburg hold the football monopoly in Russia's second city but this has not the always been the case. However, before Zenit's first title win in 1984 under Pavel Sadyrin, Dinamo Leningrad, as they were then, were the most supported club in the city. Their story is a fascinating one that embodies the history of the great city they represent. St. Petersburg, the capital of the former Russian Empire, is the … [Read more...]

Pavel Sadyrin: A Man Ahead Of His Time

“If the past has nothing to say to the present, history may go on sleeping undisturbed in the closet where the system keeps its old disguises.”  - Eduardo Galeano Football, not just the game itself, but also the people who write about it and recount its immense history, tends to be fairly unjust with some of those, managers and players alike, that left their mark in the game and that are very often thrown into the wastebin as an old pair of shoes we don’t use anymore. I grew up hearing … [Read more...]