A Mess Worth Making? – The Rise and Fall of Mordovia Saransk

In Russia as elsewhere in football, it is a reasonably rare thing to see a team emerge from obscurity, climb the league system and find itself dining at the top table of the national game. When it does happen, it is often thanks in no small part to a sudden influx of cash – Wigan, Hoffenheim, RB Leipzig – which history has shown does not always stick around. Even established clubs who catch the taste of success – Anzhi, Portsmouth, Deportivo – often find that their flirtations with glory come at … [Read more...]

Reforming the Trans-Siberian Football League

The Football National League is the biggest football league in the world according to geographic area, covering over 4,500 miles as-the-crow-flies and even crosses eight time zones. Due to the size of the league and other problems synonymous with Russian football such as fiscal instability, political corruption and systemic mismanagement, many clubs - as previously explored - do not face a race to thrive, but a battle to survive. READ PART ONE: Problems with the Trans-Siberian Football … [Read more...]

Tekstilshchik – The Football Club From City of Brides

250 kilometers northeast of Moscow, you find the city of Ivanovo and the local football club Tekstilshchik. As the name of the football club suggest, the city was once famous for manufacturing textile products on a scale that earned it the brand 'Russian Manchester'. This industry attracted a large amount of woman to the city seeking work, and it quickly became known as the City of Brides. This day, many of the factories are closed, but the nickname has stuck to the city and her 400,000 … [Read more...]

The FNL Cup – And Why It Matters

While fans back home shiver in temperatures well below freezing, the traditional winter break tournament featuring the majority of Russia’s second tier teams, the FNL Cup, kicked off today in the mild Cypriot sunshine. For most participants, it is their second or even third warm-weather training camp as they gear up towards the resumption of domestic league duty in March, and the 16-team event is ever so gradually edging into more than just a relaxing holiday. It is far from the finished … [Read more...]

Photo Report: Muscovite Derby in the Russian Cup

I am a big fan of the Grassroots Project, where the photographer Sergey Novikov travels across Russia to take pictures of the most beautiful stadiums and most infamous amateur football teams. One does however not necessarily have to travel long distances to find interesting football venues. Not with a capital like Moscow, a city that has an incredible diversity regarding the beautiful game. The city has lot of both professional and amateur clubs with their own stadiums spread out around the huge … [Read more...]

Premier League

Clubs Table Schedule Transfers Injuries Season Preview Football National League … [Read more...]