How Football Mirrors Society – Football in Russia on Election Day

One of the most commonly used clichés about sport is that it mirrors the society in which it is played, whether it is regarding xenophobia, cheating or the pursuit of excellence. Therefore, on the day of the Russian Duma election (Sunday September 18), I decided to head to a football match in Moscow to learn more about the society the game mirrored. For anyone unaware of the day's events, it would however have been impossible to guess that Russia stood in front of an election for the national … [Read more...]

Tarasov Becomes Part of UEFA’s Political Problem

It was hoped that this match would be able to unite two sets of people among the current diplomatic crisis between Russia and Turkey. However, unfortunately several inflammatory incidents took place around the game. Firstly stones were thrown at a bus of Lokomotiv Moscow fans and several Twitter accounts associated with Russian football were abused and threatened with violence.           The main incident to capture the headlines though has … [Read more...]

Interview With Antifa Ultra Petr From Ekaterinburg

At a time where most media are only covering what is happening among the extreme right winged group of ultras in Russia, we set to learn more about the opposite side, those who calls themselves Antifa, short for anti-fascists. To do so we interviewed Petr from Ekaterinburg, a declared Antifa football supporter of the local team Ural and writer for the Russian blog LeftSideTerraces. How is it to be an anti-racist football fan in Russia? How many left winged fan groups are there in the country … [Read more...]