Predictions Cup

The winter break has been kinder to some than to others, but we are nearing the resumption of Russian football with Europa League knockouts only a fortnight away. The Russian Football Premier League (RFPL) begins again on 2 March when we will be launching our inaugural cash-prize Predictions Cup with a possible €100 winner’s prize, and we’re here to explain what that entails. Here’s how to enter: Send us a direct message on our Facebook page registering an interest, and include your … [Read more...]

RFPL Predictions League 2016-17

After the irrelevant distraction of some tournament in France, real football is nearly back with the start of the Russian Premier League this weekend. To celebrate, Russian Football News is pleased to announce the inaugural RFPL Predictions League where you can pit your wits against our experts throughout the season. It's a simple concept. Each week entrants must submit their predicted scorelines for each of the eight RFPL fixtures, and if you hit the exact scoreline, you get three points, … [Read more...]

Round Table: National Team Predictions

Manuel (@homosovieticus) - PhD Student with focus on Soviet history and football, as well as blogger at (@futbolgradlive) Ashraff (@serapdesengal) - Loko supporter and student in Moscow Andy (@AndyShenk) - Moscow-based writer and Russian language translator, Andy supports Anzhi Matt (@MattTidcombe) - Sports journalist, Rubin fan and team correspondent John (@JohnSager) - Russian Football follower, Zenit supporter, California … [Read more...]