RFN Friday Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the 2016/17 RFPL Season?

As the regular part of the 2016/17 RFPL season is over, and all that is left to play is one round of relegation play-off, this week's RFN Friday Quiz looks back at the events that occured during the last year. If you have followed RFN closely during this season, this should be a piece of cake for you! As usual, we’d love to hear your scores, what you got right and what you got wrong. Leave a comment here, on Twitter or Facebook. And don’t forget to enjoy your weekend. Don’t ever want to … [Read more...]

RFN Friday Quiz: It is time to find out how much you know about Russian football

Usually these Friday Quizzes are published quite late in the day, but today is different. For once, there was no alcohol in our blood while making this quiz. We are unsure whether this helped or not, but it sure was interesting to try. By publishing it now, we hope that you are also sober (although we of course respect those of you starting off early, it is summer after all!), and that it will improve your results, because let's be honest, these quizzes are quite difficult. Anyway, no more … [Read more...]

RFN Friday Quiz – How much do you know about Russian football?

Everybody who knows just a little about football know that you are only as good as your last game. What you did in the past doesn't matter if you don't perform in the current no matter how glorious the past it. Therefore, you should all forget your accolades from the previous RFN Friday Quizzes, because now it is all about this one. Ten questions, ten correct answers and another golden opportunity to prove your knowledge about Russian football. Go ahead! … [Read more...]

RFN Friday Quiz: Football in Moscow

It is Friday once again, and as usual that means that you get the opportunity to prove just how much, or little, you know about Russian football. With the CSKA - Spartak Derby coming this weekend, the focus of this quiz is on football in the capital of Russia. But enough talk, it is time to test your knowledge. Let us know your score, either by tweeting us or simply comment on this post.   … [Read more...]