RFN Quiz: How well do you know the Russian Confederations Cup squad?

We are two games into the Confederations Cup, and the Russian team has its back against the wall before the last game against Mexico, which is played tomorrow. Before we find out whether the players are villains or heroes, it's time to test your knowledge about the squad. … [Read more...]

RFN Friday Quiz – How much do you know about Russian football?

 It is Friday, and you want to kick back and relax. You want to open a cold beer or get a nap before the weekend really starts. Stop it. There is plenty of time to do all of that later. First of all, you need to show off your knowledge about Russian football, and earn the bragging rights for the next week by being superior in the RFN Friday Quiz.This weeks quiz takes you over Euro 1960 and 2008, while also looking back at some significant European upsets as well as a trip to the Far East. … [Read more...]

RFN Friday Quiz – Home Cities of the RFPL Clubs

It is no secret that we love friendly competition at RFN. Therefore, we have created the RFN Quiz, where you can compete with your mates, and prove to them that you know more about Russian football than they do. Every Friday, we'll publish a new quiz, and we sincerelly hope that this new initiative won't ruin too many friendships, although we do accept some collateral damage. Enough talking, let's get this show on the road. In the first quiz, you are guessing the home cities of the stadia in … [Read more...]