Dinamo  – The footballing embodiment of Leningrad and St. Petersburg

Nobody would deny that current Russian Premier League champions Zenit St. Petersburg hold the football monopoly in Russia's second city but this has not the always been the case. However, before Zenit's first title win in 1984 under Pavel Sadyrin, Dinamo Leningrad, as they were then, were the most supported club in the city. Their story is a fascinating one that embodies the history of the great city they represent. St. Petersburg, the capital of the former Russian Empire, is the … [Read more...]

The Soviet Cup-1944: Leningrad Triumphs On and Off the Pitch

The Soviet Cup of 1944 became only the fifth in the history of the competition. However, it turned out to be probably the most remarkable one as it was held after a 5-year break caused by the Second World War, and it was the first time a team outside Moscow won the trophy. This team’s name was Zenit and it represented the town of Leningrad, one of the worst tormented Russian cities during the war. By 1944, it had become clear that Nazi Germany would not succeed in conquering the Soviet Union … [Read more...]