Interview with Maksym Kalynychenko, Part One: Spartak’s Situation Today

Maksym Kalynychenko, who played for Spartak Moscow from 2000-2008 sat down with Alexey Spektrowski in collaboration with our friends over at ProSpartak. Here we present Part One of the interview in English, where the pair discusses the current situation in Spartak, the players, and Massimo Carrera. ***   The first questions, of course, will concern Spartak. What happened in the game against CSKA? Well... Everyone saw what happened. We lost. Losing a game in two minutes is bad, … [Read more...]

Nikolai Starostin: My Football Years (Chapter 1) – A Hint to the Future

Nikolai Petrovich Starostin (1902-1996) was a Soviet football player and official. He was the co-founder of Spartak Moscow, which turned into the most popular club in the USSR and Russia, and worked as its head administrator for most of his life. Starostin is considered one of the most legendary and universally revered figures of Soviet football. In 1986, he published the book 'My Football Years' with Lev Filatov, and even well into his eighties, he retained a keen understanding of the game, … [Read more...]

Spartak – Dinamo: Moscow’s Forgotten Derby

With a total of five clubs in the Premier League, Moscow is one of the cities with the most football derbies in the world. The biggest local derby is by far the one between CSKA Moscow and Spartak. These two clubs have won 14 of the 22 championships since the creation of the Russian league in 1992. But even though CSKA and Spartak have competed since the 1920’s, first in a local Moscow league, later the Soviet Union Supreme League and now in Russia’s Premier League, it is a relatively new thing … [Read more...]

Boris Arkadyev – The Soviet Genius Behind Total Football and Tiki-Taka

16 year old Matthew Brown reflects on a football revolutionary. (His blog, containing non-Russian football, can be found here: Matty’s Footy Thoughts) This article relies heavily on several excellent sources - Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson (buy it here), La Roja by Jimmy Burns (buy it here), and this article. Inverting the Pyramid provides great analysis on the history of football tactics and helped me with this hard to research, especially for non-Russian speakers, period of … [Read more...]