RFPL Round 20: Results & Team of the Week

Week 20 in the RFPL marks the end of the Apertura, and the Winter Break is finally upon us. Unlike in Western Europe, this is actually a longer pause of play than in the summer, so expect some major overhauls and transfer dealings. Zenit St. Petersburg are getting their business done already just today confirming the signing of Anton Zabolotny on a three and a half year deal from local 'rivals' Tosno. The striker did not play for Tosno at the weekend, who lost 3-1 at home to league leaders … [Read more...]

RFPL Mid-Season Team Profiles

Following on from our more traditional Mid-Season Reviews of all RFPL clubs after 15 games, here we take a deep statistical look at how each side has performed in these Team Profiles. Read the Review of each side first by following the link below. READ MORE: RFPL Mid-Season Review – Part One   Team Profiles Lokomotiv Moscow: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde +10=2-3, 32 points, goals 32-11 First halves: +2=11-2, 17 points, goals 5-5 Second halves: +10=3-2, 33 points, goals 18-6 After 75 … [Read more...]

RFPL Round 15: Weighted Age Analytics

Fifteen rounds have passed in the Russian Football Premier League, and thus it's time to look at weighted ages again. Here's a reminder of what's the difference between squad weighted age and squad average age. Weighted age is a dynamic parameter that takes into account the actual usage of a player during the season: total minutes he played and the average age in the matches he played; this parameter changes with every match depending on the squad selection. The precise algorithm for … [Read more...]

Most Decorated Players of Soviet and Russian League Football

After a previous article exploring the "Soviet Champions, too" (players who played just one game in a season in which their team won the league), it's only logical to show the polar opposite: The most decorated players of Soviet and Russian football. READ MORE: "I was a Soviet Champion, too!" For this, I devised a numerical formula. Each trophy is worth a specific amount of points (league title - 50, European cup - 40, Soviet/Russian cup - 25, European Supercup - 10, Russian Supercup - 5). … [Read more...]

RFPL Round 5: Weighted Age Analytics

In what is going to be a regular feature, I’m going to give you some curious stats about RFPL. I developed a measure called “weighted season-average age”, which is more precise than the simple squad average age because it reflects actual usage of the players rather than simple presence in the squad list. Here’s how a given team’s weighted season-average age is calculated: First, you calculate the season-average age for all players in the squad. Season-average age is the average of a … [Read more...]

Russian Premier League – Statistical Analysis of Work Rate

If you have been following RFN over the last month, you may have seen our piece on the statistical analysis of speed of the RPL, looking at the first half of the season. We mentioned that as well as the speed statistics, there were also statistics available which detail the average distance covered in a game (km) and also the average speed (km/h). We hope that by taking a look into these, we can investigate which teams and players are the hardest working and how that might link in with their … [Read more...]

Russian Premier League – Statistical Analysis of Speed

With the end of the first part of the Russian Premier League window, many will look to evaluate the performance of their favourite teams and players, analysing how they can improve their game and what has been working so far. However, thanks to NTV, we are able to look a slightly different side of the season, and study the individual and team performance on a physical scale. At the end of most of their match broadcasts, NTV will put on screen some physical data accrued by the players in the … [Read more...]