Javi Gracia at Rubin Kazan – What Went Wrong?

Last week, Rubin Kazan sacked Spanish head coach Javi Gracia, before replacing him with their legendary manager from 2001-2013, Kurban Berdyev, who recently enjoyed two-and-a-half hugely successful seasons at FC Rostov. Gracia’s appointment last summer as Rubin’s first foreign coach generated a lot of excitement. His reputation of being a bright young coach preceded him, and he had pulled off a series of impressive results with former side Malaga. He gained positive marks when he arrived … [Read more...]

Storm in the Heart of Tatarstan

The game had just finished. Bukharov scored twice, Navas was brilliant in the defense and the fans from Kazan stood up and applauded Kurban Berdyev, the coach. This sounds like a scene from 2009, when Rubin Kazan won the league. But the calendar said 2015, and much had changed since the glorious days six years ago. If anybody back then had said that Berdyev and his best players could move to Rostov, people would have taken it as nothing more than a tasteless joke. But reality is that the … [Read more...]