Top 10 Foreign Players in the RPL

The Russian league has a vast amount of foreign talent, but these are my Top 10 international stars. (10) Joaozinho. The little Brazilian is a massive part of the reason FC Krasnodar have been able to stave off relegation and cement their place as a mid table side. Along with fellow Brazilian Wanderson and now Ari, they form a potent partnership for Krasnodar. And while Joaozinho's scoring record on paper doesn't make look like one of the best players on the team, his on the field … [Read more...]

Top 10 Summer Transfers

First off, click here for our complete Summer 2013 Transfer Table. Russian clubs spent approximately €283 million this summer, with Dynamo topping the list at €68 million. Anzhi, meanwhile, after selling off 13 players in less than a month, earned more than any other club worldwide - €136 million. The best transfer stories of the summer, though, no offense to the Top 10, came from 11th-placed Volga Nizhny Novgorod. In mid June, the club announced it had signed 26-year-old Argentine … [Read more...]