Poise, Persistence, Perfection – An Ode to Anatoliy Tymoshchuk

Football is filled with contentious personalities. Hard-man defenders, stroppy strikers and mercurial midfielders are as common within the game as corner flags and crossbars. It’s rare that a day passes within the sport without one or more of the participants creating controversy for the press and problems for their management. Which is why we are allowed to shed more than a few tears when a true gentleman of the sport hangs up his boots. These few good men keep our faith in the game alive. … [Read more...]

Why Russia SHOULD Host the 2018 World Cup

  Ever since Russia won the 2018 World Cup bid it has been surrounded by controversy. With recent political events this has become even bigger news and many have even suggested that Russia should be stripped of the right to host the World Cup in 2018. The other side of the argument that rarely gets heard is why Russia should host the World Cup. The recent crisis in Ukraine has brought Russia and Eastern Europe under the microscope. However, this has been largely in a negative light … [Read more...]

Russia U19

FIXTURES & RESULTS … [Read more...]