VVS MVO Moscow, Vasily Stalin’s toy

VVS MVO Moscow is not a club name that many will recognize, and the acronym doesn’t reveal much about the club either. Nevertheless, it is a club with a short but interesting history. VVS MVO Moscow, a sports society VVS MVO Moscow was a sports club based in Moscow. The name was short for Voenno Vozdushnye Sily Moskovskogo Voïennogo Okrouga (Военно-воздушные Силы Московского военного округа), which means 'Club of the Air Force of the Military Region of Moscow'. It was founded in 1944 on … [Read more...]

Starostin Means Footballer in Russian

People have always been fascinated by biographies of women and men with exceptional histories. Nowadays, stories about atypical lives invade both bookstores and cinemas, but there are still many stories which haven't been told to the wider audience. One of these is the story of Nikolai Starostin. His story fascinated me, to the point that I myself want to write his French biography! (I didn’t find any in French...) Besides his contribution in the Professional Football League organization … [Read more...]