The 2017/18 RFN Predictions League & Newsletter

It’s back, and better than ever before…

OK, so The Russian Football News Predictions League is still mostly the same, but we have made some important changes that we think you are going to love. We will still have a Points Per Prediction (PPP) championship, a Clausura championship, Personal Records and the Leaderboard, but this time we will also have an Apertura championship, players of the month, a knockout cup tournament, prizes, and a newsletter!

For those of you joining us for the first time, you’re in for a treat. Last season we had about 25 regular players predicting every RFPL scoreline over the season, and as we enter the third edition of our game we have made tweaks to improve the experience. Your job is easy – predict the scoreline of all eight RFPL fixtures each week on our Facebook page beneath the preview video, and we do the rest.

How The Game Works

First up, the basics of how the game works. All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for the video that will posted each week on our Facebook page previewing the round of fixtures, and comment below it. If you have trouble finding it, just type the hashtag #RFNPredictionsLeague into the search bar within Facebook and you’ll soon find it. Reminders will be posted from our Twitter account using the same hashtag for those of you on that network.

If you predict the exact scoreline (which we refer to as a Perfect Score), you get three points. If you predict the correct result but the wrong scoreline, you get one point. If you have to ask how many points you get for predicting the wrong result, this game isn’t for you…

Eg. If I predict Ural 6-0 Rostov, and…

…Ural win 6-0 = 3 POINTS

…Ural win 2-1 = 1 POINT

…it is a draw, or Rostov win = 0 POINTS

We collect all predictions and enter them onto a spreadsheet which will be shared each week so you can track your progress – and there are a ton of fun ways to do this. The LEADERBOARD is where we simply add up all the points you earn; the PPP spreadsheet is where we measure you average Points Per Prediction, so even if you miss a week or two, you can still compete on a level playing field; the Apertura is the leaderboard for the first part of the season that runs until the winter break; the Clausura is the same but for the second part of the season – this is particularly useful for latecomers who still want a piece of the action; Personal Records are where we take the best of all your performance data (points scored, results, perfect scores, week top scores, leaderboard position etc) and collate it for you into a table to track your progress in one place.

If that seems like a lot to take in, don’t worry; it is actually very simple – all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. We are always here to answer any questions you have about the game, but give it a run and see for yourself.

Game Rules

There are, however, a couple of important rules that we will implement strictly this season; firstly, all predictions MUST be submitted on our Facebook page under the video BEFORE the first kickoff of the round, otherwise none of them will count that round. This is because it there might be more recent news that helps affect a prediction and therefore earns latecomers an advantage. It also avoids a messy input of information, making it easier to keep track of everything, as well as cutting out any cheeky claims of not having seen the score – we’ve all been guilty of it at least once…

Secondly, if you wish to remain on all of the spreadsheets, you mustn’t miss more than FOUR weeks in a row. You may well have genuine reasons for missing a week or two, but unless you really are being sent on a business trip to Yakutia for two months with no WiFi access then you need to either let us know, or your name will be taken off the PPP, Apertura/Clausura and Personal Record spreadsheets. It’s not to be harsh, it’s simply a waste of time entering data if it’s not going to be appreciated.

Thirdly, if you want to enter the game, please like our Facebook page and provide us with an email address. It’s really quite simple – we want you to keep up to date with the game and let you know how you are doing, as well as making sure you don’t miss reminders to submit predictions. Most of you will already have liked the page, but if you haven’t, make sure you do, as this means our messages will appear on your timeline, and you will find it easier to keep up to speed.


OK, so that’s the game itself, but what about the prizes you mentioned earlier, I hear you ask? This is where the email address comes in again. Seeing as we are really kind people, we are going to award a prize to the winner of the overall game, with smaller prizes for the extra games like PPP, Apertura & Clausura, monthly championships and the cup, and we will need a secure method of contact so we can ship prizes to winners.

These are yet to be confirmed, but as we have writers attending games every weekend, they will consist of autographs, match programs, team sheets, and possibly even a shirt. The reason these are not confirmed yet is that we will collect them through the season and the mood of players in the mixed zone very much affects our ability to get certain items.


There is another great reason for the email address – we are going to start a regular newsletter where we keep you updated on the Predictions League, give you our highlights from the website, let you know which matches our team will be attending so you can follow on social media, and open up a mailbox. Nothing too heavy, just a bit of fun that will keep you in the loop. If for some strange reason you don’t want to be contacted in this way, of course we will respect your wishes and remove you from the mailing list; just let us know, and we’ll change it right away.

All clear? We hope you are as excited about the new RFPL season as we are, and that you enjoy our Predictions League – remember, any time you want to drop us a line, we’re always around for a chat on all things Russian football.

Author: Andrew Flint

I moved out to Russia in 2010 to teach English because it sounded like fun, then I met and fell in love with FC Tyumen (and my wife!) and decided to stay. Surprisingly, I turned out to be the only English person remotely interested in a Siberian third-tier club, but then who wouldn’t fall for a grizzly Georgian midget, a flying Brazilian and Tyumen’s 93rd most influential figure…

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